Fibreglass Insulation

Gallen Insulation supply the full range of Isover Fibreglass Insulation products

Attic Insulation

The table below shows the U-values achieved using Moy Plus Insulation laid in the roof void. U-values are based on the first layer of insulation laid between the joists and the remaining thickness installed as a second layer, cross laid over the joists to reduce cold bridging.

 First layer mmSecond layer mmU-value W/m2K

Sloping Roof Insulation

Metac Rafter Roll/Batts are lightweight insulating roll/batts manufactured from glasswool. This product has been specifically developed for use in ceilings that follow the pitch of the roof and enclose a habitable space, thus servicing the market of the attic conversions and new dormer bungalow construction.

Metac can also be used as a space saving roll to achieve better u-values in applications such as attic floors and timber-framed walls.

If the sarking felt is not vapour permeable a minimum of 50mm airspace should be maintained between the insulation and the sarking felt. The structure should be lined on the room side with a vapour control membrane and Gyproc plasterboard. If the sarking felt is vapour permeable then the insulation can be fitted to the sarking felt.